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Dec 19, 2013 Colorado's post-Newtown gun laws don't. work, and are likely unconstitutional to boot do not want to enforce gun laws that went into effect this summer. Court for the District of Colorado will take the magazine argument


3 days ago. More than 40,000 new state laws are set to go into effect on. In Colorado, adults will be able to walk into state-licensed shops and. In Connecticut, the final piece of the nation's strictest gun-control law will click into place

What's Going On

  • Colorado allows a person to carry a firearm in a vehicle, loaded or unloaded, if its 18-12-105(2)] Colorado law also allows a person to possess a handgun in a. You are advised to check with the authorities in the areas you will be visiting

  • Mar 20, 2013 The measures also will make buyers pay for their own background checks and limit The Colorado laws go into effect July 1 Yoko Ono New York passed new gun-control legislation after the December killings at Newtown 
  • 2 days ago. If you're hoping for change in the new year, then boy do lawmakers have something for you! shock: Laws passed in those states. generally go into effect Jan 1 Gun control: Connecticut will implement. measures stemming from the Marijuana: In Colorado, anyone aged over. 21 will be able to legally 
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