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Sherlock closes his eyes and still sees John's sharp concentration, the hands meant for triage, that handcuff's chain gone bright and pulled tight but not tight 


Aug 4, 2011. We got to see Sherlock and Watson running down the street, handcuffed to each other! And there were mugs, too! They were very excited about  Tags: handchuffed, handcuffed, sherlock, holmes, bbc, john watson, fanart, spoiler, series 2, cute, bronwynbishop reblogged this from thesherlockfandom

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  • Tags: handchuffed, handcuffed, fanart, sherlock, holmes, bbc, john watson, deviantart, fandom, Notes. chestnutwind reblogged this from thesherlockfandom

  • The title alludes to the Reichenbach Falls, the location where Sherlock and John Watson is in his first meeting with his therapist for eighteen months is forced to arrest Sherlock, but Sherlock escapes. with John handcuffed to him as his 
  • He twice draws guns and aims them left handed even though his left hand is handcuffed to Watson (though once he hastily switches the gun to his right, almost 
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