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Islip, NY

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13° Overcast

Feb 2, 2012 Android and iPhone (Free) Grand Prize Using GPS, this app tells you the best way to get to. any address you type in or tap on a subway map 


Use with: Android, BlackBerry and iPhone, iPad and iPod touch iTrans NYC Subway provides users with detailed. maps and walking directions, and. Well, the Weekender app—the only official MTA. app—is your guide to getting around 

What's Going On

  • and Directions With an interactive official MTA subway. map, you're never lost. Tap any station for directions. and schedules, or tap to 

  • Jul 25, 2012 Available for: iPhone, Blackberry and Android drivers and public transportation riders, which works similarly to Google Maps' directions The app tells users where they should stand on the subway platform in order to be in 
  • Getting a simple route from Point A to Point B is easy with these iPhone apps Simply tap on the subway map for. your start and end points Embark does the 
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