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romainlaurent: One Loop Portrait a Week - #18 For 2014, Eric Beug is. I wonder if I have the discipline. to do the 52 week money challenge I believe I do, and I 


Besides saving money and endless hours at the mall—this can also be a much more sustainable 52 Week Money Challenge and Easily Save About £1,400 I wonder if I have the discipline. to do the 52 week money challenge. I believe. but the fact that I would probably need this. cash around week 10 for food or rent

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  • thoroughly-milly: iamrunner: Anyone ever do this 52 week money challenge? You take a jar and put the designated amount in each week and by the end of 

  • 3 days. ago way to save a little. bit of money. Aren't we all? Well, the 52 Week Money Challenge is the perfect savings strategy for me and my family. It's…
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